Nick Blue Events is the by product of Nicholas Blue, who has had over 15 years of high-end serving, catering, and event planning experience in the New York City area. He started catering at a young age and was favored by a number of clients and businesses who began partnerships with him, which led him to develop his own events company. His product has grown and expanded to events around the greater United States area including the Hamptons, Los Angeles, Miami, and Toronto.

Nick Blue Events is a versatile company which is not limited to staffing and catering food.  Nick’s sophistication at creating events has come from his years of experience in the industry coupled with his hands-on involvement in every event.  His brand is built on the experience for guests, with collaboration from the client.  With his involvement and expertise, he collaborates with clients to create unique events that are well-praised for their creative design.  This ranges from the artistic and tasteful food to the personable and charming staff to exceptional hosting that prioritizes the individual guest.

The type of events that Nick has collaborated on include personal dinner parties, birthday parties, engagements, weddings, art galleries, store openings, brand launches, fashion shows at NYFW, charity events, to name a few.  Whatsoever the variety or size of event, feel free to reach out to Nick to assist you in developing and hosting your personal experience.